I would get it in writing

I would get it in writing..i’ve never settled an account so i’ve never gone thru it before but it seems that if you don’t get it in writing they can change the terms…. good luck!!!

Before we got married my husband had to go to the hospital- he had a ruptured appendix. He only had medical insurance thru the VA. He was taken to another hospital then transferred to the VA hospital where they could perform the surgery needed. He received a bill from the 1st hospital,-( the VA would not pay for it) we then asked if the bill could be wiped out.
He then submitted an income and expense report to have the bill eliminated because he could not afford to pay it. It took a while for them to wipe the bills out but the hospital and doctors did. You may want to try that.

If that does not work, then what you will need to do it. 1st pull all of your credit reports- check and see what is on each one. Then prioritize the bills. I really would not worry so much about the medical bills as long as you make something whether it be $5.00 or $100.00 per month they are getting something and chances are they are not charging you interest. Focus on the credit cards first. You will need to sit down with pen and paper and write your income and expenses and go from there.

As for the credit card companies, put it in writing that you will make 3 consecutive payments ( in the amount of $$$ )to them in exchange for a lower interest rate and late fees and over the limit fees to be eliminated. Send it to them certified mail and make sure you a return reciept. I used to work for debt management company and I used what I learned to get my self out of debt. It will take time. Remember if the customer service representative will not help. Ask to speak with a supervisor or manager- keep asking until someone will help you.

Get it in writing before you send them any money. if you don’t they will change the terms on you. I was helping a friend settle a debt with Capital one they sent a letter to her stating one amount ,but when she went to make the payment they told her another amount. She had it in writing and she told them that they had came to an agreement on a certain amount and that is what she was paying. They then backed down and realized that they were not going to get one over on her. Also remember to get the first and last name of the person you spoke to date and time.

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