Getting Control of Finances

First, Im so glad I found this group! Im working a budgeting or finances, there some things that I need to reduce and eliminate, but there are some huge drawbacks.

History: I became a disabled person after 9-11, it had nothing to do with 9-11 even though the DC area was also affected. Im a nurse by trade, I lost my voice completely, went through all the tests nothing organic and no masses or erosion, vocal cords move correctly but no voice. Referred to specialist, same answer. Finally after researching online I found the possible cause but need confirmation.

Convinced my Doc that I needed a referral to Neurologist, she did but for my migraines which had been getting worse. So after neuro evaluation, he said he could fix my migraines but not my voice. So he diagnosed me with what I thought was the problem affecting the speech center in my brain. Its rare, there is no cure and my voice will never come back. Okay so I was asked to leave work, I did because it was just to tough on me physically to try and throw what voice I did have up to any volume, lots of background noise in hospitals, and no one could hear me on the phone. Okay, I left, we have used up inheritance savings mainly because we were in denial of working with one income.

Well we aren’t anymore.

I have refinance or house to lower payments, we basically can live on my husbands salary, and I FINALLY got my SSDI, after 2nd go round, but it ain’t much but its something.

My question(s) are this, I can pay the CC down (we have CapitalOne also) but the Barclaycard they have huge finance charge per month so after making a payment of 205 only 40 goes to balance. Is there anything I can do about this, I don’t want to loose the credit cards entirely but I would like to hear pros and cons.

The second question is this: Insurance, We had a huge policy with NY Life for my husband to use for retirement and cover the house, it was 646 per qtr, well last year I contacted our agent and said it would have drop, okay so we did that but I never got a payment slip for it, well I started calling and email agent he said he was checking. Well I started harrassing him again, and he came back yesterday, and said he would have to resign Paul up for the larger policy, then lower it and if Paul (DH) passes underwriting then we pay them another $375 plus a higher quarterly payment than we talked about a year ago when discussed downgrading of $275, what he quoted me was $175. So I emailed he back and said that was unacceptable. He also gave me the name and phone number of the guy in Richmond, VA that handled this.

This was our agents error not ours. We had also talked to him originally about getting a good chunk of that money back, does anyone know if it can or cannot be done and how?

We also have longterm health insurance, which is $240 a month for both of us and Im thinking about nixing that, but Im not sure we can get anything back on it.

Thanks for any help, I can’t use the phone all the time, it depends on the day and how strong my whisper is, so if I can get opinions and ammunition that would help me tremendously. Also if someone things I should just write them a letter.

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