What is your favorite debt-free living book?

Hello! I’m just getting started & am not sure in what direction to turn. Thanks for your book suggestions!

Total Money Makeover by www.daveramsey.com . In my opinion there’s no equal.

Mary Hunts books are also good. I like her a bit better then Dave. She is more positive. Both books contain the same strategies. You can get a snowball spreadsheet from a link on DebtProofliving.com. All the tools you really need are free. The paid service is just a convenience but you don’t need it if you have excel.

I also put my savings for large items like a car in the spreadsheet and put it in the order of when I would need it. So I have my debt payoff plus emergency fund build up and car savings and I know when each will be fully funded. I put the car and emergency fund just before my mortgage. It is very motivating to see this all and be able to adjust it every time you have a little extra.

Both authors are well read and most public libraries have both books so put any money you would have spend toward your debt payoff.