Anyone else here working within one income?

Is there anyone else here that had to make adjustment to one income, for whatever reason? This is been our problem, even though now Im getting SSDI, its still only half but at least its something.

Yes divorce. I have gotten some child support but about half of what the state says I should be but I figure better half then none. The food budget is about I’ll I have left that I can shrink some.

Paying cash and avoiding interest charges is the only way to make ends meet. It is easily to get trapped in the my kids “need” this and that but in the end they don’t remember a year later weather they had it or not.

The first 5 years was very hard because my child care was over $1800 a month now it is less then half because they are both in school.

I also work for a start up and took several pay cuts over the last 3 years and am just now making what I was 5 years ago.

I really need a new car but don’t have that money saved so I’m going to have to keep my current one running for 4 or 5 more year. I can’t afford the interest and the car so I have to wait. Plus I’m now only paying liability insurance.

It has not been easy finically but the kids have what they need and we are all healthy.